For Teachers/Professors/Instructors:

We publish a set of articles (minimum five) as a Kindle ebook for students in your courses. The Kindle app is also free and works on all phones, tablets, and computers.

Here is what you do:

*Browse or search the Collection of articles. Only excerpts of the articles are provide. Most articles are about 1,500 words. Based on the excerpts, add the ones you’d like to read in full to your Cart.


*Submit your order. Ignore all pricing.


*Respond to our follow up email so we can gather more information about your course. 


*Examine the articles in their entirety, which we will make available to you.

*Inform us if you are happy with your chosen set, which we will then publish as a Kindle ebook available on Amazon for your students within a week. If you want to make changes to your selections, simply let us know.