Point of View Publishing changes the way educational material is produced and distributed: We produce it collaboratively and distribute it fast, flexibly, and very affordably. Teachers and students benefit greatly from this design which provides a dynamic alternative to static, single-authored, high-priced course readers.


Point of View collects accessible, timely, and stimulating articles from numerous scholars and educators. Teachers search the collections and select the specific articles they want for their courses. We then publish the customized set within a week as an Amazon Kindle ebook, priced from $5 to $10. (The Kindle Reader is free and available on any device.)


Since the collections of articles are constantly evolving and updating, teachers have access to relevant, cutting-edge material to engage their students and enhance their courses.


Currently, we are developing our Religion collection. We are seeking to expand to other academic fields, including Psychology, Sociology, History, Literature, and Business. If you are interested in working with us, please Contact Us.